Excerpt from “The Dark Manual” by Colin O’Sullivan

From Chapter 3: Susie suddenly lashes out, sending the cereal bowl flying from the counter out into kitchen space. It smashes to pieces against a side cupboard and lays silent on the floor in thick white shards. “Turn it off,” she shouts. “Yes, Miss Susie.” The grey woman on the grey beach vanishes and there … Continue reading Excerpt from “The Dark Manual” by Colin O’Sullivan

“Colin O’Sullivan writes gloriously”

In Tom Russell's song about Lightnin' Hopkins, 'Scars on His Ankles,” he writes of Lightnin's scars on his ankles where the chain from the chain gang cut his skin. In Colin O'Sullivan's jewel of a first novel, Killarney Blues, winner of the “Prix Mystere de la critique,” in France, the main characters also have scars, … Continue reading “Colin O’Sullivan writes gloriously”

More praise for Sam Hawken’s LA FRONTERA five years after its release

If, like us, you value long-sellers over best-sellers and content over marketing, this book might be for you: Book Noir review, published on March 30, 2018 Every time I read one of Hawken’s novels I enjoy it immensely; he is a consummate storyteller with a real knack for getting to the heart of the matter. … Continue reading More praise for Sam Hawken’s LA FRONTERA five years after its release

Colin O’Sullivan wins the “Prix Mystère de la critique” in France for “Killarney Blues”

Congratulations to Colin O'Sullivan, Winner of a prestigious crime fiction award in France: the Prix Mystère de la critique! Previous winners include: Don Winslow, Daniel Woodrell, Dennis Lehane, Boris Akunin, Donald E. Westlake, Henning Mankell, James Ellroy, Michael Connelly, Thomas Harris, and many other fabulous writers from around the world.

Richard Kalich acknowledged as a notable postmodernist author

Do you know the difference between Modernism and Postmodernism in literature? This Pediaa.com article gives a clear definition of each movement and, importantly, mentions Richard Kalich, author of The Nihilesthete, Charlie P., and Penthouse F, published as Central Park West Trilogy by Betimes Books, as one of the notable postmodernist writers, along with "household" names … Continue reading Richard Kalich acknowledged as a notable postmodernist author

“A gem for real noir fans” – a new review of BORDERLAND NOIR

Original review published on February 25, 2018 here: http://nudge-book.com/blog/2018/02/borderland-noir-edited-by-craig-mcdonald/ I came across this anthology when I was looking into a feature on Mexican crime fiction, also published this month on BookNoir. I’m glad I did because there is some fine writing here; there is a genuine connection between the stories based at La Frontera, the … Continue reading “A gem for real noir fans” – a new review of BORDERLAND NOIR

Colin O’Sullivan’s “KILLARNEY BLUES” is on RTL!

Colin O'Sullivan's novel KILLARNEY BLUES (French translation, Éditions Rivages, Sept. 2017) is on the RTL radio (C'est à lire - To be read)! "This first Noir novel from Colin O'Sullivan is magnificent, very finely written, and profoundly sad. To be savoured while drinking a Guinness and listening to some old blues, by Muddy Waters or … Continue reading Colin O’Sullivan’s “KILLARNEY BLUES” is on RTL!

A review of REACH THE SHINING RIVER by the winner of our Christmas Prize Draw

"'It was Wardell found the body.' Kansas City, 1935. Emmett Watson, a county prosecutor of Irish decent, is married to Fay, a high society woman, who is the daughter of one of the movers and shakers in the city, and unhappy in her marriage. At a closed-door meeting with his father-in-law, and other high rollers, Emmett is … Continue reading A review of REACH THE SHINING RIVER by the winner of our Christmas Prize Draw

Phantom Thread’s Poignant Glimpse into the Designer Mind

Jackie Mallon

APhantom1It’s an Oscar contender featuring one of the great actors of our time. The costume design is remarkable, and the cinematography gorgeous. Newcomer Vicky Krieps gives a sensitive and memorable performance and it’s written and directed by auteur, Paul Thomas Anderson. Still, none of this is why I think you should see the film Phantom Thread.

My recommendation is more personal than that. I have often written of how I enjoy it when my two loves, fashion and fiction, meet. This is one of those encounters. Phantom Thread portrays a similar character as I wrote about in my novel Silk for the Feed Dogs. Reynolds Woodcock is cut from a similar cloth as Signor Adriani. Alma is the innocent from the outside squaring off against the design genius’s perverse psychological gamesmanship just as Kat had to contend with similar in my tale. Substitute the London of the 1950s…

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Christmas nostalgia : Our authors about the best book gift they have ever received (Part 3)

Hadley Colt, author of Permanent Fatal Error and The Red-Handed League Forget Nancy Drew: Peter O'Donnell's Modesty Blaise was my Christmas-gift light-bulb moment of finding a thriller series with a strong female lead, and inspiring my own heroine-driven novels for Betimes Books. Colin O’Sullivan, author of Killarney Blues and The Starved Lover Sings This is … Continue reading Christmas nostalgia : Our authors about the best book gift they have ever received (Part 3)

Christmas nostalgia : Our authors about the best book gift they have ever received (Part 2)

Patricia Ketola, author of Dirty Pictures One Christmas, when I was about ten years old, I received a copy of R. L. Stevenson's Treasure Island. The book was an unusual choice for a little girl, but I was so thrilled by the marvellous tale of adventure that I could not put it down.  Jim Hawkins and … Continue reading Christmas nostalgia : Our authors about the best book gift they have ever received (Part 2)

Christmas nostalgia : Our authors about the best book gift they have ever received (Part 1)

Jackie Mallon, author of Silk for the Feed Dogs It was a copy of The Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy. A certain someone knew I'd appreciate the paperback's many idiosyncrasies: the title, so goofy and slapstick-sounding, in direct contrast to the elegant Hitchcockian blond stretched out nude on the cover in an image by Erwin Blumenfeld, a fashion photographer … Continue reading Christmas nostalgia : Our authors about the best book gift they have ever received (Part 1)

Christmas Prize Draw!

Vote for your favourite Betimes Books cover for a chance to win a print copy of one of our books! The Prize Draw is open to people aged 18 and over who provide their email address by voting for their favourite cover and would be happy to provide their postal address if they win. Please … Continue reading Christmas Prize Draw!

The Success of the French Edition of “Killarney Blues”

"Carried by a genuine writing talent, Killarney Blues is a Noir novel full of melancholy and unfulfilled dreams with a surprising glimmer of hope at the end. Without the slightest naivety. A revelation."  —Le Soir “A cathartic novel that ultimately creates positive emotions, like the blues can do. Poignant.” —booknode.com ­­ “A luminous novel that … Continue reading The Success of the French Edition of “Killarney Blues”

Review of “Killarney Blues” in Le Soir

Voilà à quoi ressemble Killarney à l’aube de ce siècle nouveau. Il y a des bagels. Et c’est le genre d’endroit dans lequel elles viennent prendre un café : un bistrot élégant, bien éclairé, minimaliste, avec des tableaux de bon goût sur les murs, des décorations végétales spectrales en forme de bâtons sur les tables et … Continue reading Review of “Killarney Blues” in Le Soir

Killarney Blues – Colin O’Sullivan

A wonderful review of the French edition of Colin O’Sullivan’s KILLARNEY BLUES!

Mille (et une) lectures de Maeve


Traduit par Ludivine Bouton-Kelly

Bernard est jarvey dans la petite ville de Killarney, en Irlande, dans le comté du Kerry. Si vous connaissez Killarney, vous avez sûrement rencontré ces conducteurs de calèche qui promènent toute la journée les nombreux touristes. Pourtant Bernard est mis au ban de la bourgade : il est considéré un peu comme l’idiot du village. On découvre qu’il aurait peut-être une forme d’autisme Asperger (mais cela reste une supposition). Cet homme a une passion : le blues. Dès qu’il peut, il gratte sa guitare et chante (mais chez lui). Il est incollable sur tous les bluesmen américains. Une passion que lui a transmise son père, décédé. Bernard est amoureux depuis son adolescence de Marian, à qui il envoie régulièrement des cassettes de ses enregistrements.

Quand s’ouvre le récit, Bernard se fait rosser par des hommes, à la sortie d’un pub. On ne sait pas pourquoi. Des…

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“One True Sentence,” by Craig McDonald: Murder and sex in the City of Lights

Swords Against Boredom

Looking for a riveting stew of murder, sex, history and literature?

“One True Sentence,” by Craig McDonald, offers that and a lot more. The novel, part of a series featuring writer Hector Lassiter, is set in Paris during the 1920s. Lassiter, who writes stories for crime magazine Black Mask while pondering more literary ambitions, is one of the many Americans huddled in the City of Lights and spends his non-writing time drinking hard and hobnobbing with the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, Ford Maddox Ford and other writers and poets. When someone begins knocking off publishers of literary magazines, it naturally catches their attention. Soon Hector, Hemingway and the others find themselves poking around into the investigation and finding themselves in a great deal of trouble.

I enjoyed this book on several levels. It is a fine noir novel on its own, with great femme fatales and a…

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Craig McDonald’s THE RUNNING KIND is “a raucous ride”

Temporary Knucksline Book review: Craig McDonald’s The Running Kind Amici: The Running Kind by Craig McDonald … crime novelist Hector Lassiter is reunited with an old mate from prior adventures in the Lassiter series, Jimmy Hanrahan. It’s 1950 and too close to Christmas when Hector and Jimmy (a cop) are huddled indoors from an Ohio … Continue reading Craig McDonald’s THE RUNNING KIND is “a raucous ride”

Union Club launch for The Insider’s Guide to Betrayal

Donald Finnaeus Mayo new novel is available HERE

Donald Finnaeus Mayo

Last night saw the official launch of The Insider’s Guide to Betrayal by Donald Finnaeus Mayo at the Union Club in London’s Greek Street. Family, friends, figures from the world of publishing as well as guests from many walks of life gathered at the event to chat with each other and receive signed copies from the author.

With the horrifying events of the past few weeks events on everyone’s minds, the issues raised in the novel have seldom been more pertinent. How do we effectively counter terrorist atrocities that threatens us all, and to what lengths is the state justified in going in order to protect its citizens?

20170605_191636_1496740879073_resized Donald Finnaeus Mayo signing copies of his latest novel “The Insider’s Guide to Betrayal” at the Union Club in London’s Soho

We’d like to thank everyone who came to the event, and to the Union Club for hosting such a fabulous evening.

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