Author of David Lazar and A Man Divided

Robert Kalich is an American writer of fiction and non-fiction.

His first novel, The Handicapper: A Novel about Obsessive Gambling, was published in 1981 by Crown Publishing and became a national best-seller. His second novel, The Investigation of Ariel Warning, a psychological thriller about identical twins, was published in 2012 by McAdam Cage. As a sports enthusiast, Kalich has also compiled rating handbooks on players in professional basketball and baseball.

He is a co-founder a film and theatrical production company called The Kalich Organization, with his twin brother Richard Kalich, author of Central Park West Trilogy, The Assisted Living Facility Library and A Man Made Long Ago (available from Betimes Books).

Robert Kalich writes about love, power, wealth, corruption, personal demons, and the dangerous ways they come together.

Robert Kalich is an avid reader and maintains a home library of ten thousand books. He lives in New York City with his wife and son.