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February, 1924: an incredible exchange rate, lack of prohibition and post-war ennui have flooded the City of Light with thousands of Americans — the psychologically damaged members of the so-called Lost Generation. The cafés, bistros and garrets of Paris teem with would-be poets, writers and painters.

Hector Lassiter, fledgling author and best friend of Ernest Hemingway, is crossing the Pont Neuf when he hears a body fall into the icy Seine – the first in a string of brutal murders of literary magazine editors that throw a shroud over the City of Light.

Frantic to stop the killings, the literati form their own improbable vigilante band: Gertrude Stein gathers the most prominent crime and mystery writers in the city, including Hector and the dark, mysterious mystery novelist Brinke Devlin.

Soon, Hector and Brinke are tangled not only under the sheets, but in a web of murders, each more grisly than the next.

From the cafés of Montparnasse, through the historic graveyards of Paris and the Grand Guignol of the Catacombs, One True Sentence is a literary thriller and richly sensuous, funhouse mirror that evokes the most romantic and suspenseful appeals of A Moveable Feast and The Dante Club.

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About Craig McDonald

“Nobody does mad pulp history like Craig McDonald. Reading a Hector Lassiter novel is like having a great uncle pull you aside, pour you a tumbler of rye, and tell you a story about how the 20th century really went down.”  —Duane Swierczynski

“A finely-crafted pulp historical mystery… While McDonald plucks your heartstrings, his wily hero Hector Lassiter will pound out a drum roll on your short ribs, and yes, you actually will be thankful for the experience.”  —Tom Piccirilli

“Vivid, remarkable characters–the historical people as well-drawn as the fictional ones!–in a rich, evocative setting, and a gruesome serial killer with one of the most unusual motives ever. Absolutely gripping!”   —Diana Gabaldon

“Craig McDonald proves he is a master of literary suspense in this riveting historical thriller set in the 1920s Paris of Ernest Hemingway and Gertrude Stein.  Complex protagonists, shocking murders, and a gripping tale will leave you wanting more.”  —Stefanie Pintoff

“An amazing (and very smart) montage of mystery, murder, meta-fiction, and literary-history, quite unlike anything I’ve read before.”  —Craig Holden

“The real stuff… Sharp, smart, and fascinating. McDonald brings alive a unique time and place with not only his talent for history but style that would make his subjects proud.”  —Ace Atkins