Author of They All Fall Down

Kim Hood grew up in Canada, but now lives in the west of Ireland, with her husband and daughter. She has an eclectic background in education, therapy and social services, which hasn’t helped her one bit in her latest endeavour as a small-hold farmer.

Her first novel, Finding a Voice, written for young adults, was shortlisted for the inaugural YA Book Prize, won a Literacy Association of Ireland Merit Award in 2015 and was a White Raven book for 2015/16.

Plain Jane, her second novel, was nominated for Children’s Books Ireland Book of the Year in 2017.

Spending a day in her pjs writing is her favourite thing to do; her second favourite thing is meeting with readers and writers to talk about books and writing.

Praise for They All Fall Down

“Kim Hood writes unflinchingly and in searing prose of this unforgettable horror… […] The author also touches on the failure of humanity in Rwanda. The failure of the wholly inadequate reactions of the international humanitarian organizations and foreign governments. For the haunted survivors, it is as the narrator Marlow remarks in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness: ‘It was not my strength that needed nursing, it was my imagination that wanted soothing.'” —Marvin Minkler of Modern First Editions

“A grim tale, beautifully written. […] I recommend this book as an absorbing and powerful read on a difficult subject and applaud Kim Hood for (once more) not playing it safe.” —Susan Lanigan, author of White Feathers

Praise for Finding a Voice

“Touching and poignant story, written with deep compassion and understanding, this is excellently written and will grip the reader’s attention.” —

“Author Kim Hood… certainly packs  a punch in her story of friendship against the odds. […] There are plenty of messages that could be drawn from these pages. But the one that comes over most strongly is that there is no such thing as ‘normal’.” —Evening Echo

Praise for Plain Jane

“A brave and harrowing story that sensitively handles serious issues such as juvenile cancer and mental illness.” —Children’s Books Ireland Recommended Reads

“This must be one of the most powerful novels to have emanated for some time from an Irish publisher. […] Hood’s insights into the complexity of feeling experienced by a young woman in Jane’s position are portrayed with clarity and sharpness, but without ever allowing notions of sentimentality to intrude.” —Robert Dunbar, The Irish Times

“The novel certainly has the all the intensity and manic energy of Hood’s writing process. […] This is immersive writing at its best. Jane’s teen voice is utterly authentic. […] Hood writes with conviction and confidence. This is a book you don’t just read, you live. You walk through every dark and devastating scene in Jane’s shoes and come out the other side, wiser and more compassionate for the experience… an exceptional novel from one of Ireland’s most exciting YA talents.” —The Irish Independent