Photo © Igor Kov

Author of Soul Catcher

Dimitri Bortnikov is a Russian-born French writer, finalist of the Russian Booker Prize and the National Bestseller Award for his first novel, The Fritz Syndrom, and winner of the French award Best novel of the Year 2017 (Lire Magazine) for his latest novel, Face au Styx.

His other books include Svinoburg (originally written in Russian and now published in French), Sleeping Beauty (also written in Russian, to be published in France in 2021), Furioso, a novella in French, and Soul Catcher (original title: Repas de morts).

Soul Catcher is the first novel written by Bortnikov in French and published by Editions Allia in 2011, to overwhelming critical acclaim.

This Betimes Books edition will be the first English translation of a work by this outstanding writer, whose career to date is impressive and whose future is undoubtedly full of promise.

Dimitri Bortnikov lives in Paris and is working on a new novel.