Author of Killarney BluesThe Starved Lover Sings, The Dark Manual, My Perfect Cousin, Marshmallows and The True Story of Binderella and Other Secret Siblings

Colin O’Sullivan lives in the north of Japan and works as an English teacher. His short fiction and poetry have been published in various print and online anthologies and magazines. His first novel, Killarney Blues, has won the prestigious “Prix Mystère de la critique” in France. His second novel, The Starved Lover Sings, has been translated into Russian. His third novel, The Dark Manual, is due to be made into a TV series by a major American production company.

More about Colin

  • Lives in Japan but speaks Japanese badly, like a man who has had a lobotomy and has just been to see a rather reckless dentist.
  • Plays the ukelele, poorly, but with a smile
  • Sings in the shower, but only one song, Talking Heads’ “Life During Wartime”
  • Likes to recite lines from Beckett plays before he sleeps
  • Would someday like to pat a wolf (a tame one)

Praise for Colin O’Sullivan

“O’Sullivan’s voice—unique, strong, startlingly expressive—both comes from and adds to Ireland’s long and lovely literary lineage. Like many of that island’s sons and daughters, O’Sullivan sends language out on a gleeful spree, exuberant, defiant, ever-ready for a party. Only a soul of stone could resist joining in.”   —Niall Griffiths

“His words swagger with purpose, never meandering too long on a scene, always moving the story forward, even when it goes back in time, like a faded photograph coming into view.  Lyrical to a point, one word flowing to the next, hardly stopping.”  Love, Sex & Other Dirty Words

“A hard, poignant novel of great humanity… remarkably well written… ”Rolling Stone (France)

“Carried by a genuine writing talent, Killarney Blues is a Noir novel full of melancholy and unfulfilled dreams with a surprising glimmer of hope at the end. Without the slightest naivety. A revelation.”   Le Soir (Belgium)

“Colin O’Sullivan, I’m happy to say, has the heart of an Irish Poet and the intellect and wisdom of a Jewish Sage. […] There’s an inner beauty to his narrative and characters, a most human beauty that is the undercurrent of all he writes and creates, no matter how dark or perverse the narrative probes. […] A Poet of Darkness.”   —Richard Kalich

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