The Last Island

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Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9926552-1-1 / E-book ASIN: B00GFQT5XG

A Boston fireman, in an attempt to flee personal and professional tragedy, accepts a job as a bartender on a Greek fishing island. He soon discovers that, despite its apparent tranquility, the island is divided between two irreconcilable sides: those who want to maintain its status as a marine preserve and those who want to do away with the preserve and embrace tourism. An upcoming election is to decide between the two.

The fireman, seeking redemption from his own troubled past, does his best to avoid entanglements of any sort, political or personal. His intentions are eclipsed, however, when he moves into an isolated cove and meets Kerryn, an animal rights activist, who believes dolphins possess consciousness, intelligence and souls.

Kerryn enjoys an extraordinary and personal relationship with a dolphin, Yukon, and lives an idealistic and solitary existence that is “willfully removed from all possessions, greed, and artificiality.” Despite himself, the fireman is drawn to Kerryn and the seemingly timeless and sensual sanctuary she has created for herself and Yukon in the cove.

As the election draws near, some of the fishermen begin using illegal nets to further deplete the sea of fish and force change. But these new nets are indiscriminant. They capture anything and everything, including dolphins. The fireman’s relationship with Kerryn deepens just as she begins a series of increasingly desperate measures to stop the illegal netting and, quite possibly, save Yukon’s life. But the fishermen do not take kindly to outsider interference and react by placing an illegal net into the cove itself, forcing a fatal decision that will change all their lives and the island forever.

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About David Hogan

The Last Island delivers smoothly an unforgettable experience you won’t get anywhere else.” —

“Hogan’s adept storytelling makes us ponder our spiritual essence.” —The Greek Star

“A thought provoking bitter-sweet tale. A story of running from one’s self, trying to find the better man that you just “know” is somewhere inside. A story of seeking refuge, trying to preserve a refuge, attempting to keep an old way of life that has survived for thousands of years. A story of belonging, finding ones place in this world, acceptance, being outcast, looking in from the outside. A war of conflict within the soul and with the modern world. Fighting inner demons, fighting demons from without. Trying to find a place of peace and balance. Learning to be, learning to need less.” —, Readers’ reviews

“Great symbolic imagery. Because inside this short novel, a passionate intensity burns.” —, Readers’ reviews