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Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9926552-9-7 / E-book ASIN: B00MWVH07G

Key West, 1925: the USA’s southernmost point and the most un-American of American locales; a rowdy border town surrounded by water and populated by sports fishermen, naval veterans and Cuban revolutionists – misfits and mavericks, all.

After several years abroad, crime writer Hector Lassiter arrives on “Bone Key” to reunite with his lost love Brinke Devlin, a fellow author and the woman destined to become the first Mrs. Lassiter.

Hector finds an island in turmoil — beset by fatal fires and savage attacks against women that the local press attributes to a baseball bat-wielding fiend dubbed “The Key West Clubber”. When one of the Clubber’s murders hits too close to home, the newlyweds begin to poke around the crimes. What they find casts doubt on the possibility of a single culprit.

By turns sexy, sly and sinister, Forever’s Just Pretend barrels along at a page-turning pace to a shattering conclusion that casts new light on Hector Lassiter and his legend.

About Craig McDonald

“This is a must read for series fans and a solid introduction for new readers.” Publishers Weekly

“I loved Brinke Devlin the first time she came on the page and I loved her at the end, too. She’s a fascinating character.” —James Sallis

“Experiencing the work of Craig McDonald is akin to experiencing a painting by Picasso, a dance by Baryshnikov, music by Tchaikovsky. No two people will experience it exactly the same, but everyone who does experience it will walk away richer.” —Jen Forbus, Jen’s Book Thoughts

“The competition for the future of crime fiction is fierce, as it should be, but don’t take your eyes off Craig McDonald. He’s wily, talented and—rarest of the rare—a true original. I am always eager to see what he’s going to do next.” —Laura Lippman