Forthcoming: The Taking of Colum Pyke by Joe Murphy, The True Story of Binderella and Other Secret Siblings by Colin O’Sullivan

Latest releases: Write from Wrong by Craig McDonald, Hear Us Fade by David Hogan, A Man Made Long Ago by Richard Kalich, Soul Catcher by Dimitri Bortnikov, Marshmallows by Colin O’Sullivan

Soul Catcher by Dimitri Bortnikov

Translated from the French by Svetlana Pironko, in collaboration with Dimitri Bortnikov

The first English translation of the Russian-born French writer Dimitri Bortnikov, finalist of the Russian Booker Prize and the National Bestseller Award for his first novel, The Fritz Syndrom, and winner of the French award Best novel of the Year 2017 (Lire Magazine) for his latest book, Face au Styx.

Soul Catcher (original title: Repas de morts ) is the first novel written by Bortnikov in French and published by Editions Allia in 2011, to overwhelming critical acclaim.

“This strange novel – partly autobiographical – is built as a succession of reminiscences and dreamlike images of the steppe, the tundra and Paris. But no matter what the story is – what matters here is the power of his writing, harsh and infused with venomous poetry.” —Baptiste Léger, L’Express

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Marshmallows by Colin O’Sullivan

Suburban London. It’s Christmas Eve, and semi-retired affluent actor Charles Cunningham waits for his son and his son’s boyfriend to arrive. He gazes at his ornate tree, wondering why it looks perilously close to toppling over… just like the tumultuous night that lies ahead of him.

Ben Morrigan – the guest, the boyfriend – is making Christmas crackers. When they get pulled apart, what kind of truth is going to come spilling out?

Ghosts of Christmases past are on their way for both the hunter and the hunted in this terse literary thriller, and no one is going to get out unscathed this holiday season. Readers will have to figure out – just like thespian Charles – whether the play they find themselves in is a revenge tragedy, a macabre comedy, or a morality tale. Whatever it is, it is about to have its curtain raised…

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A Man Made Long Ago by Richard Kalich

Each new novel from Richard Kalich is at once a natural progression and a surprise. Sharp, observant, erudite, attuned to our times, he is a writer who endlessly innovates. This time, he offers his readers an “instanovel” and captures the best of the Instagram concept – the poetry of communication through images.

“As the years progressed, my use of words became less rather than more. Instead of obsessive modernist detail and the omniscient narrator, I turned to metafiction. I honed in on clarity, economy, precision, and accountability to not only myself, the writer, but first and foremost to the reader. My mantra became writing is dialogue, not monologue; communal sharing, not self-referential isolationism.” —Richard Kalich, from an interview in Rain Taxi Review

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Hear Us Fade by David Hogan

It’s 2029. California is ravaged by fires, droughts, floods, political paralysis, civil unrest. Two anti-capital punishment activists, Rex Nightly and Urban McChen, have kidnapped the Governor of California in order to gently torture him into issuing a stay of execution for the alleged serial killer and cannibal, Billy the Goat (a gentle soul and a vegeterian). But the Governor accidentally dies, and his body has to be hidden in the closet of Rex’s penthouse. Meanwhile, Rex’s wife, Lieutenant Governor Sofina Nightly, hatches an ambitious plan to reestablish order and save the state, blissfully unaware that the governor lies dead in her closet…
Set against a backdrop of climate catastrophe and technological evolution, Hear Us Fade is a moving and thought-provoking black comedy that presents a haunting view of the future.
Is a happy ending possible for them and for us?

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Write from Wrong by Craig McDonald

Across nearly a dozen internationally-acclaimed and awards-nominated novels, the Hector Lassiter series has beguiled readers with a secret history of 20th Century crime, politics and the arts.

Hector—wanderer, lover and a fiction author frequently described by literary critics as “living what he writes and writing what he lives”—has served as witness and even catalyst to some of his turbulent age’s darkest historic and artistic moments.

Write from Wrong presents a poignant and provocative portrait of the author not just as a young but also as an old man, yet one always striving to lay down “one true sentence.”

“With each of his Hector Lassiter novels, Craig McDonald has stretched his canvas wider and unfurled tales of increasingly greater resonance.”   —Megan Abbott

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The Taking of Colum Pyke by Joe Murphy

An utterly unputdownable psychological thriller set in contemporary small-town Ireland. Local journalist Mark Usher aims to make it to the major league by reporting on a strange series of murders. But when he becomes involved with the wife and child of the principal suspect, he finds himself increasingly unable to handle what he believes he is discovering. A striking and highly unusual piece of gothic storytelling.

“A dark, original voice.” —Eoin Colfer


The True Story of Binderella and Other Secret Siblings by Colin O’Sullivan

Gathered here are three topsy-turvy tales for a topsy-turvy world, tales with tongues placed firmly in cheeks. These fairytales are given excitingly fresh varnishes as we are presented with a host of new (yes, new!) unforgettable, delightful characters who are destined to win your hearts as they wrestle with the ways of our chaotic days.

Putting fairytales at the forefront of fun again, Betimes Books brings you the perfect bedtime stories. Tell your friends: both the young and the not-so. This is the crossover book you have been waiting for.

Welcome to the enchanting world of… The Secret Siblings!