Forthcoming: The Taking of Colum Pyke by Joe Murphy (Autumn 2022)

Latest releases: A Long Day in Venice by Abel Posse, The True Story of Binderella and Other Secret Siblings by Colin O’Sullivan

The True Story of Binderella and Other Secret Siblings by Colin O’Sullivan

Gathered here are three topsy-turvy tales for a topsy-turvy world, tales with tongues placed firmly in cheeks. These fairytales are given excitingly fresh varnishes as we are presented with a host of new (yes, new!) unforgettable, delightful characters who are destined to win your hearts as they wrestle with the ways of our chaotic days.

Putting fairytales at the forefront of fun again, Betimes Books brings you the perfect bedtime stories. Tell your friends: both the young and the not-so. This is the crossover book you have been waiting for.

Welcome to the enchanting world of… The Secret Siblings!

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A Long Day in Venice by Abel Posse

Translated from the Spanish (Argentina) by George Henson (USA)

The first English translation of Vivir Venecia, a memoir by the Argentine living classic Abel Posse.

Novelist, essayist, poet, career diplomat and politician, Posse has written fourteen novels (including the much-acclaimed Daimón and The Dogs of Paradise), seven collections of essays, an extensive journalistic work, numerous short stories and poems.

In A Long Day in Venice, Posse recounts with nostalgia, lucidity and passion his six years spent as “consul in exile” in the most unusual city on earth. Diplomacy, politics, writing, public and private life, encounters with Jorge Luis Borges, Ernesto Sábato, Abelardo Arias, Alejo Carpentier, Alberto Moravia, Joseph Brodsky and other writers and artists, with Venice as a dazzling backdrop… An unmissable memoir for lovers of literature and history.

The Taking of Colum Pyke by Joe Murphy

An utterly unputdownable psychological thriller set in contemporary small-town Ireland. Local journalist Mark Usher aims to make it to the major league by reporting on a strange series of murders. But when he becomes involved with the wife and child of the principal suspect, he finds himself increasingly unable to handle what he believes he is discovering. A striking and highly unusual piece of gothic storytelling.

“A dark, original voice.” —Eoin Colfer