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Sam Hawken

Sam Hawken Author of La Frontera– Available now here.

Sam Hawken’s first novel,  The Dead Women of Juarez was published in the UK, France and Germany and shortlisted for the CWA “New Blood” Dagger Award 2011. He is also the author of  Tequila Sunset,  Juaréz Dance and Missing (forthcoming) and of a number of short stories. Sam Hawken’s fiction embraces a broad spectrum of genres and involves extensive research, authentic flavour and a devotion to dealing with issues both historical and contemporary. A native of South Texas, he currently resides near Washington, DC with his wife and son.


I must confess that having read both of Hawken’s previous books, I was not expecting any deviation from the accomplished and gripping style that permeates his writing. I was quite right in this assumption, as La Frontera, merely strengthens my admiration for his writing with its perfect rendition of not only location, but the sustained and probing characterisation that underscores a compelling plot. Excellent.” – Raven Crime Reads

“Hawken writes with a maturity that is rare for a first novel, and achieves both a great crime novel and a work that transcends the genre.” – Dave Zeltserman

“A beautiful compassionate gruelling novel, as ferocious to read as it is soul wrenching.” – Ken Bruen

“A hard-boiled plunge into damaged lives that grippingly evokes the dust, decay and pervading sense of death in Juárez, leaving you with a lingering sense of sweaty unease.” – Metro UK

“A tense, gripping read and a plea for justice. It deserves to be read on both counts.” – Sunday Times

“This is a remarkable debut novel that heralds an exciting new talent to hit the crime writing scene. For just over 300 pages of gripping storytelling this book quite simply doesn’t put a foot wrong.” –

“Hawken trades in gritty realism and a haunting sense of loss and hopelessness, and although the novel is very much a singular achievement it does bring to mind favourable comparisons with Richard Ford’s The Ultimate Good Luck.” – The Irish Times

“This brilliantly written, dramatic but vicious novel will keep you on tenterhooks all the way to the end.” – Shots

“Sam Hawken is a thoughtful author whose work is easy to read despite the very real and troubled cities that Tequila Sunset deals with. We look forward to seeing more from this author.” – Crime Fiction Lover ****

“The novel is a thrilling ride, but it also makes you appreciate the seriousness behind it.” – We Love This Book

“Authentically crafted and exquisitely written, Tequila Sunset is a sprawling novel imbued not only with violence, heat, and murder, but also sadness and humanity. Mr. Hawken’s words will keep you hooked until the very last sentence. One of the finest crime novels this year.” – Sam Millar for New York Journal of Books

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