Mark Usher is a small-time journalist with big-time ambitions. Unfortunately for Mark, it seems like his ambitions will always go unfulfilled. Until, that is, he meets Colum Pyke. A strange little boy from a strange little family. A boy who just might provide Mark with the chance he craves. A chance to shape a story, not just report on one.

And then the killings begin… A series of savage murders provide Mark with a unique opportunity. Each body is elaborately mutilated in a way designed to echo sacrifices and executions from Ireland’s ancient history. And Mark thinks he knows who the killer might be. James Pyke. Colum’s father. A man haunted by his past and brimming with murderous potential.

Could this be Mark’s shot at the big-time? But what might Mark be willing to do to keep his story alive?

And why does he find himself drawn more and more to Colum Pyke and Sarah, his mother? Why does he feel more and more like a protector? A father-figure? A daddy to this little boy with the soulless eyes.

The Taking of Colum Pyke is a novel that blends the gothic and postmodern. It asks the question: Can we believe anything we’re told? And, perhaps more importantly: Can we trust those doing the telling?

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