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David Hogan

David Hogan

Author of The Last Island– Available now here.

David Hogan is the author of a number of screen and stage plays. His stage plays include the NPI awardwinning “Capital”, “Samoan America”, “Fore”, and “No Sit – No Stand – No Lie”, which opened the ‘Resilience of the Spirit’ Human Rights Festival.

His screenplays have been optioned, sold and won major competitions. They include “The Tractor King”, a finalist in the Nantucket Film Festival, “Murder by Suicide” (with Frank D’Angeli), purchased by USA/Universal Pictures, and “Stranded” (with Frank D’Angeli), recently optioned.

A dual citizen of the US and Ireland, David lived and worked in Greece for a number of years. He currently resides in Southern California where he is an avid surfer.

For more about David, you can go to his blog at:


– He sometimes rides a unicycle when no one is looking.

– He’s ironically called ‘Big Wave Dave’ by surfing friends due to his choice of waves.

– He once spent two straight months on his back (in traction for a broken neck).

– He thinks he doesn’t look like himself.

– He likes dark beer and darker coffee.

– He doesn’t collect anything.

– He speaks Greek, but isn’t sure if he understands it so well.

– He believes turtles are on to something.



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