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Across nearly a dozen internationally-acclaimed and awards-nominated novels, the Hector Lassiter series has beguiled readers with a secret history of 20th Century crime, politics and the arts.

Hector—wanderer, lover and a fiction author frequently described by literary critics as “living what he writes and writing what he lives”—has served as witness and even catalyst to some of his turbulent age’s darkest historic and artistic moments.

In this last, life-spanning book, Craig McDonald further informs and fits the capstone on the Lassiter saga.

Noted acquaintances and “characters” from the previous novels also take their final bows, including Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles, for a last, seductive historical romp through the 20th Century and beyond, spanning romantic Ragtime America to our increasingly treacherous digital age.

Write from Wrong presents a poignant and provocative portrait of the author not just as a young but also as an old man, yet one always striving to lay down “one true sentence.”

This is the last installment of McDonald’s Edgar/Anthony-awards nominated series, but also stands as an entry point for new readers to experience a crime series BookPage declared “wildly inventive” and The Chicago Tribune the “most unusual, and readable crime fiction to come along in years.”

“With each of his Hector Lassiter novels, Craig McDonald has stretched his canvas wider and unfurled tales of increasingly greater resonance.”   —Megan Abbott

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