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  • Aboudia, artist
  • Alliance Française Dublin
  • Embassy of France in Ireland, Cultural Services
  • ESCP Alumni Magazine
  • Anna Farmer
  • Robert K.
  • JT Lindroos, our cover designer emeritus
  • Keith Mallett, artist
  • Aurélien Masson, editor
  • Eddie McCaffrey of Joose TV
  • Marvin Minkler of Modern First Editions
  • Grégory Morizeau, artist
  • Pat Mullan
  • Laurence O’Bryan of Books Go Social
  • Martine Piga
  • Nick Sparrow
  • Adrian White
  • Anthony Zeoli

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“For we have been there in the books and out of the books—and where we go, if we are any good, there you can go as we have been. A country, finally, erodes and the dust blows away, the people all die and none of them were of any importance permanently, except those who practiced the arts.” —Ernest Hemingway