Coming out on December 15, 2020

Translated from the French by Svetlana Pironko, in collaboration with Dimitri Bortnikov

Betimes Books are proud to publish this year the first English translation of a work by Dimitri Bortnikov, an outstanding Russian-born French writer whose literary career to-date is impressive and whose future is undoubtedly full of promise.

Soul Catcher (original title: “Repas de morts” – “The Supper of the Dead”) was originally published in France in 2011 by Editions Allia to overwhelming critical acclaim and is coming out in Italy in April 2020.

Cover art: “Manicomio” © Grégory Morizeau 2018, with his gracious permission

About Dimitri Bortnikov

“A modern Inferno.” —Les Inrocks

“This sublime text has rhythmic power, incantatory energy, insolent humour.” —Le Monde

“This strange novel – partly autobiographical – is built as a succession of reminiscences and dreamlike images of the steppe, the tundra and Paris. But no matter what the story is – what matters here is the power of his writing, harsh and infused with venomous poetry.” —L’Express

“A masterpiece. It happens sometimes that a text, from the first sentence, puts you into a state of astonishment that will not leave you until the end and convinces you that you are reading one of those major works of fiction that will mark you forever.” —TechnikArt

“Better than a novel, a long feverish blues full of ghosts, sorrows and hungry dogs. We get lost, we drown, and we don’t care…” —Le Nouvel Observateur

“In the tradition of Céline, Calaferte et Jauffret, Bortnikov signs a literary objet that is truly disconcerting, carried by a bitter, syncopated language that devours everything along the way. … Iconoclastic.” —Lire Magazine

“Dazzlingly inventive.” —Le Télérama

Thanks to the Embassy of France in Ireland and the Institut français for their support