Illustrated by Sotiris Hatzivasiliou

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Every so often a book comes along that is sure to wow both the young and the ahem… not-so-much-anymore. What you hold in your hands is that rarity!

Gathered here are three topsy-turvy tales for a topsy-turvy world, tales with tongues placed firmly in cheeks. These fairytales are given excitingly fresh varnishes as we are presented with a host of new (yes, new!) unforgettable, delightful characters who are destined to win your hearts as they wrestle with the ways of our chaotic days.

Meet Cinderella’s sister who lives in a dustbin (reading philosophy), who must abandon her fiefdom of filth in order to venture out and save the famous princess!

Meet Little Red Riding Hoods’ little brother, Little Black Hoodie, the computer geek (and sometime hacker); a reluctant hero who must be persuaded to save the environment!

And, finally, in The Secret Siblings Support Group we encounter a horde of comic others you wish you’d always known and will surely cherish for years to come.

Who thought age-old stories could be pushed into shiny (and very funny) new territories?

Colin O’Sullivan, that’s who!

Here the acclaimed Irish writer provides entertainment for all the family with spoofs that will tickle as well as provoke.

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