Award-winning short story by David Hogan

Congratulations to David Hogan for winning the 2nd place in the 2020 San Diego Public Library Short Story Contest! Betimes Books published Hogan’s debut novel, The Last Island, in 2013. The novel was a finalist in the San Diego Book Awards, and the e-book version was a bestseller in Australia and the U.K. Hogan's stage … Continue reading Award-winning short story by David Hogan

“Corrida de Toros”, a short story by Sam Hawken

"He wanted to be out of Mexico, and he never wanted to come back." This story is part of our anthology BORDERLAND NOIR, edited by Craig McDonald Read the story here:  

“Lying Still” by David Hogan

David Hogan’s The Last Island is currently on promotion in Australia.

david hogan

Hospital Bed

When I was 17 years old, I dove into a swimming pool and broke my neck.

Until that moment, I’d been relentlessly active, my days taxed with dread of missing something somewhere. I was on the student council and participated in a wide variety of school clubs. I always secured a part in the school play and rode a unicycle in talent shows. I ran cross-country in the fall, track in the spring and was co-captain of the basketball team in between. I was an honor student who worked full-time in the summer and caddied most weekends in the spring and early fall, except on certain Sundays when I served as an altar boy. I’d never had a drink or a smoke, and I rarely swore. Yet that pleasant summer day, for reasons still unclear to me, I plunged into a six-foot deep above-ground pool and slammed the top of…

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