“O’Sullivan’s latest novel intertwines several stories elegantly, this novel is gripping, intriguing and clever. I’d much rather read this than a happy ever after Christmas tale, this is a story that bites.”


Marshmallows by Colin O’Sullivan

Preview: to be published on NB Magazine

This is the third novel by O’Sullivan that I’ve reviewed after Killarney Blues and DarkManual. I like Colin O’Sullivan, his novels are a constant surprise; the story darkens with every page and yet there’s always a witty undertone – it’s all so unpredictable. Marshmallows even has a soundtrack, as the drama plays out, an O’Sullivan trope; naturally it’s Christmas oriented as this tale is set on Christmas Eve. Not that this is the kind of Christmas you would wish on anyone, or perhaps you might come to think that the mayhem and violence is deserved?

Christmas Eve. Brick and Brac, not their real names, are brothers, good soldiers, able to follow orders to the letter, of course, no one would have these boys in their army, they inhabit a more disordered world – but every step they…

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Award-winning short story by David Hogan

Congratulations to David Hogan for winning the 2nd place in the 2020 San Diego Public Library Short Story Contest! Betimes Books published Hogan’s debut novel, The Last Island, in 2013. The novel was a finalist in the San Diego Book Awards, and the e-book version was a bestseller in Australia and the U.K. Hogan's stage … Continue reading Award-winning short story by David Hogan

Excerpt from SOUL CATCHER, a novel by Dimitri Bortnikov

Translated from the French (Repas de morts) by Svetlana Pironko, in collaboration with Dimitri Bortnikov. Coming out on October 26, 2020 ...................................................“She was bringing waterlilies. From a good distance. Long stems. Long… In her mouth. She was swimming like a long replete reptile. I was making waterlily crowns. Garlands… She was wrapping herself into the … Continue reading Excerpt from SOUL CATCHER, a novel by Dimitri Bortnikov

A superlative new review of The Last Island

Reading David Hogan's wonderfully written The Last Island is like entering the waters of a warm cove on the Aegean sea and letting the ocean flow over you. Being pulled tentatively at first by its currents, but then letting go, floating in the reddish glow of fires on a distant mountain. There is so much … Continue reading A superlative new review of The Last Island

“A haunting read”

A new review of Colin O'Sullivan's novel The Starved Lover Sings by Marvin Minkler of Modern First Editions: Colin O'Sullivan is one of the most remarkable and original writers currently turning out one outstanding novel after another. Killarney Blues was the author's debut, which won the French Prix Mystère de la Critique, followed by The … Continue reading “A haunting read”

You can help us contribute to the restoration of Notre Dame de Paris!

📣 ANNOUNCEMENT Betimes Books and Gérard Ramon, Parisian sculptor and author of the artwork in our book In Love with Paris, will be donating royalties and proceeds from all copies sold before June 17, 2019 to the reconstruction of Notre Dame de Paris. The book is available here: and from other online retailers. Please … Continue reading You can help us contribute to the restoration of Notre Dame de Paris!

“Life at its fullest” – Marvin Minkler about “Dirty Pictures”

"Rembrandt is quoted as saying, “Without atmosphere, painting is nothing.” Without atmosphere, neither is a great novel. Patricia Ketola's debut novel, Dirty Pictures, is poetic at times, sad, humorous, gripping, joyful, thrilling, and hopeful. A thoroughly captivating tale, rich in atmosphere, that is near impossible to put down. Still recovering from the death of her … Continue reading “Life at its fullest” – Marvin Minkler about “Dirty Pictures”

“A Poet of Darkness”

We are happy and proud – overjoyed, really! – to share with you a few lines from a letter that the great American post-modernist writer Richard Kalich wrote to us and the Irish writer Colin O’Sullivan after having read his work for the first time (Colin’s novel, The Starved Lover Sings). Such an endorsement, coming … Continue reading “A Poet of Darkness”

“An intelligent novel that twists your gut.”

We are thrilled to share another wonderful new review for a 'backlist' title - a proof that great books don't have a 'use-by' date! REACH THE SHINING RIVER by Kevin Stevens in NB Magazine Stevens has written a grippingly sinister murder mystery that oozes menace and violence. Reach the Shining River captures the deeply corrupt … Continue reading “An intelligent novel that twists your gut.”

“If you are in the mood for something different, this may be it.”

Dirty Pictures by Patricia Ketola reviewed by Paul Burke in NB Magazine This novel is extremely well-written, it reads like a page-turner and the story is fascinating, but it won’t be for everyone, it might even be described as niche. Here’s why I think it might not appeal to some: If you want a straightforward … Continue reading “If you are in the mood for something different, this may be it.”

REMINDER: The Dark Manual promotion on Amazon UK

We don't want you to miss it! Until the end of October, Colin O'Sullivan's chilling and thought-provoking novel THE DARK MANUAL, due to become a TV series, is promoted on Amazon UK, and you can read the e-book for £0.99 only!

October treat: Amazon UK promotion for Colin O’Sullivan’s novel “The Dark Manual”

During the whole month of October, readers in the UK & Ireland can buy The Dark Manual here for £0.99! This is, of course, a Kindle edition. Print edition is also available on Amazon, the Book Depository (free delivery worldwide), etc. Or maybe you prefer to watch it on TV? It's coming, but it will … Continue reading October treat: Amazon UK promotion for Colin O’Sullivan’s novel “The Dark Manual”

“Novels are all about commitment” – Colin O’Sullivan’s profile in Books Ireland Magazine

Meet a writer who "has an understanding of the power of words, their placing, their specific meaning" and "reflects the current malaise and modern preoccupations", "sends language out on a gleeful spree, exuberant, defiant", and who is "one of the finest storytellers out there, a lyrical master of the written word".

More praise for “The Dark Manual”

Review published on Book Nudge / Book Noir, August 31, 2018. The Dark Manual defies easy categorisation; it’s a literary novel, a very desperate tale of love and loss, a noir thriller, of real and imaginary threats and a sci-fi speculation (which could be read as prescient future gazing). O’Sullivan has carved himself a distinct … Continue reading More praise for “The Dark Manual”

A tribute to Aretha Franklin

As a small tribute to Aretha Franklin, this excerpt from Reach the Shining River, a novel by Kevin Stevens, writer and jazz connoisseur: "A full house was tough on the nerves but easier to gather and please. If you knew what you were doing, and Arlene did. Had known from the beginning when, eleven years … Continue reading A tribute to Aretha Franklin

“Exciting Poetic Thriller” – exactly!

We just have to share this reader's review! It's wonderful when somebody REALLY gets the book! Thanks to @fatorange23, whoever he/she is, for sharing this with other readers: 5.0 out of 5 stars Exciting Poetic Thriller 4 August 2018 - Published on Format: Paperback In order to be a great writer one’s style must … Continue reading “Exciting Poetic Thriller” – exactly!

A glorious review of Colin O’Sullivan’s new novel “The Dark Manual”

Isaac Asimov had Three Laws of Robotics: 1. A robot may not injure a human being, or through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 2. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. 3. A robot must protect its own … Continue reading A glorious review of Colin O’Sullivan’s new novel “The Dark Manual”

Interview with Colin O’Sullivan in Your Secret Library

A few days before the release of Colin's third novel, THE DARK MANUAL, a Trinity College Dublin graduate Polly Young interviews her fellow Trinity College alumnus for Your Secret Library Magazine: Colin O’Sullivan is a poet and a novelist, author of Killarney Blues (2013), The Starved Lover Sings (2017), and The Dark Manual (May 2018), … Continue reading Interview with Colin O’Sullivan in Your Secret Library

“Colin O’Sullivan writes gloriously”

In Tom Russell's song about Lightnin' Hopkins, 'Scars on His Ankles,” he writes of Lightnin's scars on his ankles where the chain from the chain gang cut his skin. In Colin O'Sullivan's jewel of a first novel, Killarney Blues, winner of the “Prix Mystere de la critique,” in France, the main characters also have scars, … Continue reading “Colin O’Sullivan writes gloriously”

More praise for Sam Hawken’s LA FRONTERA five years after its release

If, like us, you value long-sellers over best-sellers and content over marketing, this book might be for you: Book Noir review, published on March 30, 2018 Every time I read one of Hawken’s novels I enjoy it immensely; he is a consummate storyteller with a real knack for getting to the heart of the matter. … Continue reading More praise for Sam Hawken’s LA FRONTERA five years after its release