“Silk for the Feed Dogs” at the Franco-Irish Literary Festival

This Friday, March 31st, the 2017 Franco-Irish Literary Festival begins and will continue right through the weekend. Organised by Alliance Française and the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Ireland, this annual festival celebrates the unique relationship between Ireland, France and other francophone nations through highlighting the work of their writers. With fashion as … Continue reading “Silk for the Feed Dogs” at the Franco-Irish Literary Festival

Excerpt from Patricia Ketola’s “Dirty Pictures”

"On the day of the big event I walked through the hours until seven like I was living in zombie land. I started dressing around five, making sure I wore a disposable polyester dress that wouldn’t leave any fibers scattered around the murder site. It was a plain black number purchased at Walmart for fifteen … Continue reading Excerpt from Patricia Ketola’s “Dirty Pictures”

E-book rights to Donald F. Mayo’s novel “Francesca” licensed to Endeavour Press

We are pleased to announce a new e-book edition of FRANCESCA by Donald Finnaeus Mayo, now available from Endeavour Press, the UK’s leading independent digital publisher: http://endeavourpress.com/books/francesca-donald-f-mayo/ Our own trade paperback edition is also available here: viewBook.at/Francesca_DFMayo “Perhaps reading it prior to going to bed is not advisable as one might end up staying up … Continue reading E-book rights to Donald F. Mayo’s novel “Francesca” licensed to Endeavour Press

Donald Finnaeus Mayo about writing FRANCESCA

FRANCESCA: Genesis of an idea It's easy to forget just how different the world was back in the mid-1970s. No mobile phones, no internet, no Starbucks on every street corner. Easier, too, for dictators to keep a lid on their shenanigans. You could take out a town, empty a region of its population without any … Continue reading Donald Finnaeus Mayo about writing FRANCESCA

Excerpt from “The Painter’s Women”

Chapter 3. Leocadia, Bordeaux, 24 April 1828 "So you see, Isabel, it is not true that Francisco enticed me away from Isidoro, or that we were already lovers while Doña Josefa was dying, or that the affair hastened her death. My marriage was over by the time I came to work for Francisco, and his … Continue reading Excerpt from “The Painter’s Women”

“In the beast’s lair”: Jackie Mallon interviewed by Marie-Claire Magazine

From the interview that has just appeared in Marie-Claire Magazine and Atlas Jet Magazine, Turkey: MC: Everybody sees The Devil Wears Prada as the book that brought the real face of fashion to literature, and many people compare your book to Devil. But actually Silk for the Feed Dogs comes from a deeper corner of … Continue reading “In the beast’s lair”: Jackie Mallon interviewed by Marie-Claire Magazine

Australia, I’m Coming…

…just not in person. Nope. They’re sending Kat and Edward. You see, Silk for the Feed Dogs is now on Kindle Promotion for a limited period in Australia! Time to let everyone know Kat and Edward have landed. I’m calling all my Aussie blogging friends; poking on Facebook my fashion lovelies who are ahead of … Continue reading Australia, I’m Coming…

Helmut Lang Exhibition by Jackie Mallon

Jackie Mallon

Kirsten for Lang back in the day Kirsten for Lang back in the day

As a devotee of his runways in the late 90s and early aughts, I was mighty curious to see this exhibition. The press release describes his use of materials “with a certain history, elements with irreplaceable presence and with scars and memories of a former purpose.” Right then. I was all ready for a nostalgia trip, a slideshow of campaigns featuring his favorite model, Kirsten Owen, captured by his favorite photographer Jurgen Teller, washing softly over my eyeballs as I walked to the Bowery.

Inside I was rewarded with an opportunity for contemplation that would last longer than the time I spent in the gallery and it looks like I won’t arrive at any conclusions during this post either: there’s always time for ruminating on the longevity of fashion; the recycling of clothing; the myth of a fashion icon and the destruction of…

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Kindle promotion! SILK FOR THE FEED DOGS

Jackie Mallon's novel SILK FOR THE FEED DOGS is on promotion on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk until the 20th of November. “Silk for the Feed Dogs is a stellar accomplishment – get it, read it, you won’t regret the indulgence of silk against your skin." —DisappearingInPlainSight.com getBook.at/SILK_Mallon