“In the beast’s lair”: Jackie Mallon interviewed by Marie-Claire Magazine

From the interview that has just appeared in Marie-Claire Magazine and Atlas Jet Magazine, Turkey:

MC: Everybody sees The Devil Wears Prada as the book that brought the real face of fashion to literature, and many people compare your book to Devil. But actually Silk for the Feed Dogs comes from a deeper corner of fashion, where everything begins. Was it hard to write about the fashion world as an insider? What were the reactions of your fellow designers?

JM: If I was still working full-time in the industry I don’t think I would have written this book. I think a certain distance is required to recognise lunacy! The things you accept as normal when you’re deep inside the system become real head scratchers on the outside. Some designers are still trying to work out if they inspired some of the characters, in particular, the lovely Edward. I tell them all yes! Because it’s probably true. The design world has been particularly receptive to the book and I couldn’t be more grateful. They have appreciated someone lending a voice to the things they see and experience on a daily basis but which they might not have put into words. They have said that they cringed at some of the behaviours described but laughed more. While The Devil Wears Prada was essentially a fashion magazine story, Silk for the Feed Dogs goes right into the design studios and ateliers, to the beast’s lair if you like.

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Silk for the Feed Dogs is available here: http://viewbook.at/silkforthefeeddogs