Love and Death: What else is worth writing about?

Dearest Followers and Readers, If you haven't discovered Patricia Ketola yet, you are missing out on a truly original new voice. If you are weary of pre-formatted fiction, you simply MUST read Dirty Pictures! Patricia KETOLA’s flamboyant characters play a delightfully witty game where death and desire are intertwined. Rebellious, stylish and eccentric, like its … Continue reading Love and Death: What else is worth writing about?

Excerpt from Patricia Ketola’s “Dirty Pictures”

"On the day of the big event I walked through the hours until seven like I was living in zombie land. I started dressing around five, making sure I wore a disposable polyester dress that wouldn’t leave any fibers scattered around the murder site. It was a plain black number purchased at Walmart for fifteen … Continue reading Excerpt from Patricia Ketola’s “Dirty Pictures”