A review of “Hear Us Fade”, a new novel by David Hogan

“We are but single notes in the discord, strings plucked once, sound and resonance Hear us fade...” —From Death in Hilton Head, an unpublished epic poem by Rex Nightly It is June 2029. The state of California. In San Francisco the uncontrolled forest fires are moving closer burning all that is in its path to … Continue reading A review of “Hear Us Fade”, a new novel by David Hogan

“A haunting read”

A new review of Colin O'Sullivan's novel The Starved Lover Sings by Marvin Minkler of Modern First Editions: Colin O'Sullivan is one of the most remarkable and original writers currently turning out one outstanding novel after another. Killarney Blues was the author's debut, which won the French Prix Mystère de la Critique, followed by The … Continue reading “A haunting read”

“Novels are all about commitment” – Colin O’Sullivan’s profile in Books Ireland Magazine

Meet a writer who "has an understanding of the power of words, their placing, their specific meaning" and "reflects the current malaise and modern preoccupations", "sends language out on a gleeful spree, exuberant, defiant", and who is "one of the finest storytellers out there, a lyrical master of the written word".

Is your home robot cute?

Another short excerpt from Colin O'Sullivan's new novel, THE DARK MANUAL, for your enjoyment: “Where’s your ‘bot?” “It’s shut down for the evening. I’m sick to death of listening to the fucking thing.” “Oh, bring him in. I want to see him.” Susie hates the personal pronoun. Calling it a him. Zen was a he. … Continue reading Is your home robot cute?

Excerpt from “The Dark Manual” by Colin O’Sullivan

From Chapter 3: Susie suddenly lashes out, sending the cereal bowl flying from the counter out into kitchen space. It smashes to pieces against a side cupboard and lays silent on the floor in thick white shards. “Turn it off,” she shouts. “Yes, Miss Susie.” The grey woman on the grey beach vanishes and there … Continue reading Excerpt from “The Dark Manual” by Colin O’Sullivan

Video extract from “The Starved Lover Sings”

This novel is O’Sullivan’s second, after Killarney Blues, published by Betimes Books in 2013. It takes place in a world transformed by disaster: earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, nationalist and corporate mergers, roaming wolves. The Starved Lover Sings is a fever dream of a world at the end of its rope. Our protagonist, and in many chapters … Continue reading Video extract from “The Starved Lover Sings”