Kindle promotion in Australia for TOROS & TORSOS

Kindle edition for only 99 cents!   “Nothing short of a surrealistic masterwork.”  —Chicago Tribune “McDonald’s imaginative tale takes an enjoyably different approach to art and murder.” —Publishers Weekly “In his lush, sprawling novel Craig McDonald draws together both the timeliest markers of mid-century America—modernism, surrealism, film noir, pulp fiction, communism—and the eternal touchstones of … Continue reading Kindle promotion in Australia for TOROS & TORSOS

Australian readers discover Sam Hawken

Poignant and timely, Sam Hawken​'s novel LA FRONTERA is currently on #promotion in Australia: "I put aside books from Michael Connolly, Ken Follett and a dozen others to read this. And I was not disappointed. I rarely do reviews. I think a lot of them are phoney. This one isn't. Sam Hawken is at … Continue reading Australian readers discover Sam Hawken