Adopt a Minotaur this Christmas

"If all the ways I have been along were marked on a map and joined up with a line, it might represent a minotaur."     —Pablo Picasso Craig McDonald's novel Toros & Torsos is based on a theory that the famous Los Angeles "Black Dahlia" murders were inspired by the Surrealist masterpieces of the 1930s. McDonald took … Continue reading Adopt a Minotaur this Christmas

Kindle promotion in Australia for TOROS & TORSOS

Kindle edition for only 99 cents!   “Nothing short of a surrealistic masterwork.”  —Chicago Tribune “McDonald’s imaginative tale takes an enjoyably different approach to art and murder.” —Publishers Weekly “In his lush, sprawling novel Craig McDonald draws together both the timeliest markers of mid-century America—modernism, surrealism, film noir, pulp fiction, communism—and the eternal touchstones of … Continue reading Kindle promotion in Australia for TOROS & TORSOS

A fabulous review of Craig McDonald’s TOROS & TORSOS

"I would highly recommend TOROS & TORSOS as a gripping and compulsive mystery, and one of the best novels I have come across to explore how an art movement is defined by its time and setting. But if the surrealists were to be believed, art defines its time and setting." Read the full text here: … Continue reading A fabulous review of Craig McDonald’s TOROS & TORSOS