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Craig McDonald: the HEAD GAMES interviews. Part 1 of 3

February 21, 2015


“Not so terribly long ago, I did a lot of interviews with newspapers and radio stations in Mexico in support of the Spanish language release of HEAD GAMES (LA CABEZA DE PANCHO VILLA there). HEAD GAMES is at last back in paperback and in eBook format as the seventh release in the new, definitive collection of old and new Hector Lassiter novels.

     HG Mex







Here is the translation of one of those exchanges for the Spanish language edition of Head Games, with a couple more to follow over the next few days:

Head Games Returns! by Craig McDonald

February 2, 2015


“This month, Head Games, my debut novel and the book that launched the Hector Lassiter series, returns in some slick new packaging from Betimes Books.

Of all my novels, HG has traveled the widest, become the most translated, and is now in the final steps of being transformed into a graphic novel. The book has been out of print in the U.S. for a few years, so this is a chance for newcomers to get the novel between actual soft covers. Some extras for this version include…”

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Head Games is available for pre-order here:


From HEAD GAMES by Craig McDonald

January 27, 2015


“I kicked Orson once … and couldn’t tell if I hit fat or special-effect’s padding. So I kicked him again. But to no discernible effect. “You and me,” I said to Welles, “we’re through.” I walked as Marlene stooped to help Orson to his feet. The Kraut and a forklift might get the job done. I heard Orson’s resonant grumble at my back: “That bastard. Who does Lassiter think he is? That degenerate drunk and wife killer! You hear me Lassiter? Who do you think you are? I’m Orson Welles!” He screamed this last at my back. 

I heard Marlene Dietrich say to Welles, “Stop it you fool. What does it matter what you say about him? He’s a man … that’s all.”

— Excerpt from HEAD GAMES by Craig McDonald


Head Games is available for pre-order here:

head games

HEAD GAMES available for pre-order!

January 19, 2015


Our edition of highly acclaimed HEAD GAMES, the Edgar® and Anthony Awards finalist, will be released on the 24th of February 2015 and is now available for pre-order here:

Lassiter 8 covers-page-001

“Craig McDonald, a genuine expert on the history of crime fiction, gives free rein to all his obsessions in a debut novel that’s a berserk 1957-based caper running roughshod through the politics and pop culture of the latter half of the 20th century. …Strap in, hold on, enjoy the ride.” — San Francisco Chronicle, Eddie Muller’s Top 10 list in crime fiction for 2007

“Reminiscent of James Crumley’s Milo Milodragovich PI novels, this slick caper novel touches chords of myth, history, loss and redemption just enough so you can hear echoes faintly under the gunfire.”    — Publishers Weekly

“Blurring the lines between historical fact and fiction, Craig McDonald’s triumphantly twisted first novel is one of the most unusual, and readable, crime-fiction releases to come along in years. … Crime-fiction fans looking for an original voice should check out this exceptional debut, which blends Jack Kerouac’s picaresque narrative style and James Ellroy’s noir sensibilities with a heaping helping of urban legend, subtle social commentary and a trunkful of decapitated heads.”    — Chicago Tribune

“Reading Craig McDonald’s HEAD GAMES was like reliving those wonderful and exciting, tequila-fired weekend border-town tours of my youth in the ’50’s.  A different character, vivid and lively, waiting around every new corner of the artfully twisted plot.  The time and place are captured perfectly, and story never falters as it dashes to the surprising ending.”   — James Crumley

“HEAD GAMES is a gravel and mescal cocktail, a one-day burn, a novel of genuine piss and vinegar, the kind of book you thrust on people with the wild eyes and intent of a PCP freak.”    — Ray Banks

A new trailer for a new edition of HEAD GAMES!

January 14, 2015


“Few writers can blend a contemporary feel with what drew us to old-style pulp and original paperbacks: that momentum, that craziness, the thrill of the downhill slide and crash. Head Games is smart, it’s funny, and it moves like a roach when the lights go on — what’s not to love?”    — James Sallis

Praise for the opening line of HEAD GAMES by Craig McDonald

December 22, 2014


“From a much newer novel, Head Games by Craig McDonald, the first line is:

“We were sitting in a backroom of a cantina on the outskirts of Ciudad Juarez, three drinks in, when Bill Wade reached into the dusty duffle bag he had tucked under the table and plunked down the Mexican general’s head.”

The severed head of a dead Mexican general? That gets your attention. Notice how much scene-setting info the author includes in this first line. He tells us that there are at least two characters in this scene, probably male, where the scene takes place, and what happens. The sentence does double duty—grabbing the reader’s attention and dropping him into the fictional scene.”

The full article here: An Editor Talks to Writers: Grand openings


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“Giving voice and face to character: The Lassiter audio books” by Craig McDonald

December 1, 2014


Craig McDonald on new covers for The Hector Lassiter audio books, recorded by Recorded Books.

Read the article here:

One True Sentence  Toros&Torsos

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