From HEAD GAMES by Craig McDonald

“I kicked Orson once … and couldn’t tell if I hit fat or special-effect’s padding. So I kicked him again. But to no discernible effect. “You and me,” I said to Welles, “we’re through.” I walked as Marlene stooped to help Orson to his feet. The Kraut and a forklift might get the job done. I heard Orson’s resonant grumble at my back: “That bastard. Who does Lassiter think he is? That degenerate drunk and wife killer! You hear me Lassiter? Who do you think you are? I’m Orson Welles!” He screamed this last at my back. 

I heard Marlene Dietrich say to Welles, “Stop it you fool. What does it matter what you say about him? He’s a man … that’s all.”

— Excerpt from HEAD GAMES by Craig McDonald


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