“Ekphrasis” by Jackie Mallon

Jackie Mallon

I’ve been up on the roof. no, not to throw myself off. There’s no WiFi up there. The lengths––or heights––I will go to in order to dodge the clutches of procrastination. I have a new writing project deadline which I’ll tell you about later.

You would have loved it up there this week. You hear the city below, the symphony of sirens, a school bell faintly, voices from other rooftops that sound like seagulls’ cries, a door slamming in the belly of the building, a car horn, but the noises are all so gentle and far far away. Even though I had work to do I felt like I was on holiday. On a beach even. I felt like one of those writers with the means to retreat to an exclusive island hideaway every time they have a deadline (I’m sure these blessed individuals still exist–I don’t know any but…

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Literature and Art: Jackie Mallon about “Painted Women”

Jackie Mallon

Augustus John by Michael Holroyd My current reading: Augustus John by Michael Holroyd published 1974

Immersed in research for my second novel, I stumbled upon the painter, Augustus John. He was an interesting type and no mistake but it is his women who truly fascinate. Upon reading descriptions of them, how they spoke and looked and thought, I sought out their portraits. Style mavens with names like Dorelia, Ida (surname Nettleship, no less), Alick, Euphemia, Estella, Arabella, Guilhermina, Ottoline, Clarissa, Caitlin, Amaryllis, Iris, formed a pageant of poetically monikered muses that fuelled his art. They would fuel my sketches too if I had a collection to design. Instead they will fuel my fiction.

Marchesa Casati Marchesa Casati by Augustus John

Known for “a compelling stare when he looked at a woman,” Augustus John’s quest for the next enigmatic face was a compulsion he made no apologies for. It was a congenital weakness. A coquettish voice emanating from…

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“Dollmaker” by Jackie Mallon

Jackie Mallon, the author of SILK FOR THE FEED DOGS: “We do not want to be Barbie dolls…”

Jackie Mallon

I can’t hold my tongue any more. It’s abuse of position. Jeremy Scott is using the glittering Moschino name to peddle his own nasty wares. Can we call security? Get this guy outta here! This is one Scot(t) that should have been granted independence this week!

Okay, so he has a sense of humor and thinks fashion should be fun. He doesn’t know the code and is trespassing on our property

Franco Moschino had a clever, questioning, political point of view, using his fashion as a platform to tackle issues of consumerism, drugs, AIDS….and then, as well as all that, he knew how to have a laugh, yes.

Through fashion Franco bantered with women; he engaged in witty repartee. Even when he embroidered For Fashion Victims Only on our back, or Waist of Money around our middle, it was clear he loved women. There was respect behind what he did…

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Students, It’s Showtime!

Jackie Mallon, fashion designer and the author of Silk For The Feed Dogs, proudly presents the accomplishments of her students.

Silk for the Feed Dogs, set in the international fashion industry, follows a young graduate as she strives for success while evading the snapping jaws of those villainous and ravenous “feed dogs,” gatekeepers to her dreams.”

Jackie Mallon

“I never know what I really want so I flirt with the fabric a little while.”

Nassim Shadmani, born in Persia, might play coy initially but there’s no questioning her commitment to the relationship between design and fabric. She  creates sumptuous and seductive dresses, as liquidy as Lanvin, using only one seam. Only one.

Nassim's sketches Nassim’s sketches

“It is from this kind of discipline I will grow as a designer.”

Ladies, you will melt. There’s vulnerability and confidence in every stitch. Inspired by the idea of contornionism, her “Bend, not break” collection plays with twisting and draping, matt and sheen, dark teal, silver and slate, slippery charmeuse and double-faced silk, to depict an unpredictable sensuality. The nonchalant ease of a slinky dressing gown with the intrigue of a geisha’s ceremonial wrapping.IMG_3877IMG_3881IMG_3880

Nassim was one of thirteen students representing the Art Institute of New York City who showed their graduate collections in…

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“Sharp”, “hilarious”, “observant”, “entertaining”: SILK, of course!

"The writing is sharp and humorous. Mallon is a very observant author and her heroine Kat negotiates her way through a world it's clear her creator knows a lot about. In particular the passages in Italy made me feel as if I were there myself, without having to get on the plane to go there." … Continue reading “Sharp”, “hilarious”, “observant”, “entertaining”: SILK, of course!

Kat’s Italian Dictionary

Kat Connelly has travelled far from her days on the farm in rural Ireland. She now finds herself chasing a career in fashion through the cobblestone roads of Milan. She’s picked up some Italian vocabulary along the way. Here’s a bit of what she’s learned:   Ragazzi (men): Enticing creatures who roam the streets of … Continue reading Kat’s Italian Dictionary