Kat’s Italian Dictionary

Kat Connelly has travelled far from her days on the farm in rural Ireland. She now finds herself chasing a career in fashion through the cobblestone roads of Milan. She’s picked up some Italian vocabulary along the way. Here’s a bit of what she’s learned:


Ragazzi (men): Enticing creatures who roam the streets of Italy, oozing testosterone and seeking romance. Beware of their smoldering eyes and smooth verbiage—the tools they use to lure their prey.


Moda (fashion): Glamorous, fickle, passionate and challenging. She’ll hold your hand today and slap your face tomorrow. There may be times you’re tempted to throw up your hands in surrender and admit defeat. But truthfully, you’ll always hope to be in her good graces.


Amicos (friends): The ones at your side through fleeting relationships with ragazzi, getting fired from your job and being trapped in a Napoli police station. Even after you’ve nearly burned down their flat by accident. They stick with you through it all.


Milano (Milan): An idyllic setting for the most thrilling of adventures: the pursuit of the bella vita.


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