#spycops – the tawdry facts that couldn’t hold together as fiction

Donald Finnaeus Mayo about undercover policing – in facts and fiction.

Donald Finnaeus Mayo

Unknown-1Former undercover officer Andy Coles, photo courtesy of Peterborough Today

Another day, and another former police officer is forced to resign amid allegations he manipulated a young female activist into entering into a sexual relationship while working undercover in the 1990s. This time it’s Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridge Andy Coles, who has been outed by campaigners from the Undercover Research Group.

The group claims that Coles was part of a covert group of Metropolitan Police Officers who assumed false identities in order to inveigle themselves into the lives of political activists. What is so alarming about the revelations, and the reason why the Met is looking down the wrong end of a whopping lawsuit, is that the activists targeted were by and large engaged in legitimate political protest. Where they erred on the wrong side of the law, it was generally for activities such as breaking into…

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