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Sam Hawken about LA FRONTERA: “The most controversial novel I’ve ever written”.

April 27, 2015


And the border is still

“As I look forward to the release of The Night Charter, I can’t help but cast a look back over the past few years and the books I wrote to get where I am now. I’ve written plenty about The Borderland Trilogy from Serpent’s Tail, but I’ve written less about La Frontera.

There are a lot of things in common between my crime novels — Mexico’s rampant violence, the tragedy of the innocent lives lost — but La Frontera is something different. I’d venture to say that it’s the most literary of the books I’ve had published, which makes it unusual all by itself. If you asked me whether I write literary fiction I would say, no, I don’t. But at the same time, something like La Frontera is a departure from the cops-and-killers world of my Mexico books while still taking place in that reality. If that makes sense to you.”

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