Retcon. That’s a relatively newish term that’s a contraction for “retroactive continuity.” Typically you’re going to run into this when a long-running print or film series reckons it’s time to inject fresh blood or your lead actor has to be recast. Take the current Bond flicks as voguish example: Daniel Craig enters as a tyro, … Continue reading THE (IM)PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY by Craig McDonald

Excerpt: The Great Pretender

1 THE STRANGER   “Perception is reality, that’s how the saying goes, isn’t it, Hec?” Hector Lassiter, novelist, screenwriter, and for the moment, literary executor, looked down at all the chilly pedestrians scurrying through the autumn wind tearing along Fifth Avenue. The fierce wind made eyes water and noses run down there. Up here the wind cut to bone. He … Continue reading Excerpt: The Great Pretender

Book trailer for THE GREAT PRETENDER by Craig McDonald

Available soon, THE GREAT PRETENDER by Craig McDonald: Orson Welles, voodoo curses, Nazi occultists, the War of the Worlds Panic Broadcast of 1938, the secret history behind the noir classic, THE THIRD MAN, and a search for the Spear of Destiny. Watch the book trailer here: