Sam Hawken’s Bad Santa

From our collection Gifts: Bittersweet Christmas Stories  Feliz Navidad  is a sombre Christmas tale from Sam Hawken that serves as a powerful and poignant reminder that Christmas is a time when we need to reach out to others. Encompassing the importance of the gift of charity, and of extending a compassionate welcome to all people, Feliz Navidad is … Continue reading Sam Hawken’s Bad Santa

Translation rights news: Sam Hawken

Just released: the German-language edition of Sam Hawken's novel La Frontera   Published by Polar Verlag. Translated by Karen Witthuhn (click on the cover for the link to the German edition) Sam Hawken's first novel The Dead Women of Juarez was translated into French and German and short-listed for the CWA New Blood Dagger Award. … Continue reading Translation rights news: Sam Hawken