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Books for your Valentine

February 3, 2017


“From the first page I was drawn into and seriously engaged in Kat’s many adventures and misadventures. Streets and places in London and Milan are so vividly described, as well as the world of fashion. But what I loved the most about this book is the fact that this is no ordinary chick lit, where the most important thing is the romance in the story. It’s so much more: a window to the world of fashion, lifestyle and basically, life with all it’s ups and downs.” Amazon Reviewer


“Weaving fiction into well researched historical fact, Fionnuala Brennan conjures up the relationships six women had with the great 18th-century Spanish painter Francisco Goya. Just as Goya conjured up the glitter and gold of the Spanish court with his portraits while revealing his subjects greed and vanity, so Fionnuala gives us a good and often bitter taste of the painter’s attraction for these women and his, at times, difficult personality.” Amazon Reviewer


“In the midst of a world slowly going to the dogs, and brought together by murder and art restoration, two lost former revolutionary souls manage to carve out a slice of happiness with each other once more. Dirty Pictures is at its heart a fierce and darkly funny story about love – for your lover, parents, children and beliefs.” Amazon Reviewer


“The relationship between Holmes and Watson is fresh and flirty and defines this new take on Sherlock. The Red-Handed League manages to make him uber-intelligent and the master of deduction whilst also humanising him, and takes the novel away from the pastiche of other Holmes interpretations that maintain the asexual genius and become slightly stilted in both prose and character.” Amazon Reviewer


“Hogan has crafted an absorbing tale of hope and redemption set on a beautiful, remote Greek island….The author skillfully weaves together themes of environmental protection, humanity’s oneness with all living creatures, nature versus commerce, political intrigue and romance. When he meets the free spirit Kerryn, our unnamed protagonist questions the wisdom and the risks of giving of oneself completely — whether it be to one cause or to another being.” Goodreads Reviewer


“I loved Brinke Devlin the first time she came on the page and I loved her at the end, too. She’s a fascinating character. Those of us who are male writers can really appreciate how difficult it is to write such a strong and believable female character.” Jim Sallis, author of Drive

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