Valentine’s Day: “Let’s get that ring a mate”

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Excerpt from Forever’s Just Pretend  by Craig McDonald

“She bit her lip. “Have I scared you buying us a love nest, Hec?”

“You, the nomad, bought a house?” Hector could hardly believe what he was hearing. Brinke was the consummate globetrotter. He bit his lip, watching her. Well, well.

“We promised one another so much in Paris a year ago,” Brinke said. The candlelight  flickered in her charcoal eyes.

“All this time apart has only made me goofier for you. A real Dumb Dora. I mean to keep my vows, darling.” She put down her fork and squeezed his hand. “So what about you?” She was holding her breath.

“I’m here,” Hector said.

“We made another promise, remember, Hector? A promise about vows. Remember?”

“I proposed. I remember just fine. I asked you for a trip up the middle aisle and meant it.”

“And I accepted.” She held up her left hand. The candlelight caught the diamond in her ring. “I still have this. I’ve never taken it off . The only tan line on my body now. But are you still sure? You’ve always seemed so proud and protective of your solitude. In Paris, you were always declaring yourself solo lobo and pleased and proud to be that way. At least to all appearances.”

“Playing the lone wolf was souring, even back then,” he said. “You can only make yourself your own mark for so long before it becomes your life or plays out very badly. Let’s get that ring a mate.”

Brinke smiled and squeezed his hand harder. “When?”

“Just as soon as you can arrange it.  That church, St. Mary, Star of the Sea—why not get married there? Do it lickety-split?”

“You mean that, darling?”

“No second thoughts,” he said.”


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