Hey, hey babe I’ve got blood in my eyes for you

“She takes out the tape from its box and inserts it into the stereo. Then she removes her flimsy dressing gown and crawls back into bed. Her legs feel heavy. She doesn’t know if she’s coming down with something or whether it’s the after-effects of last night’s dancing. She’s not as young as she’d like to be. There is a moment of hiss from the tape and she smiles faintly, then she hears the sound of Bernard’s voice.

“This one isn’t an original one now, Marian. This one is called Blood in my Eyes. It’s an old traditional made famous by the Mississippi Sheiks. But I like the version Bob Dylan recorded, too.”

The sound of strumming. Then an abrupt stop.

“Shit, that’s the wrong chord. Let me start again.”

She can’t believe she’s giggling girlishly in her own bed. If anyone saw her. Her mother would certainly censure her for this lack of sophistication.

She lies back with her hands behind her head. May as well enjoy the entertainment.

The guitar is strummed again, and Bernard sings softly.

Woke up this morning, feeling blue,

Seen a good looking girl, can I make love to you?

Hey, hey babe I’ve got blood in my eyes for you,

Hey, hey babe I’ve got blood in my eyes for you.

Marian pulls the covers up to her chin and closes her eyes.”

— Excerpt from KILLARNEY BLUES by Colin O’Sullivan


Available here: http://viewbook.at/KillarneyBluesOSullivan