Hector Lassiter: a hero for women who love men who love women

Lassiter Valentine-page-001

From Craig McDonald’s preface to the Hector Lassiter series:

“The “hero” of this series, your guide through these books, is Hector Mason Lassiter, a shades-of-grey guy who is a charmer, a rogue, a bit of a rake, and, himself, a crime novelist.

Some others in the novels say he bears a passing resemblance to the actor William Holden. Hector smokes and drinks and eats red meat. He favors sports jackets, open collar shirts and Chevrolets. He lives his life on a large canvas. He’s wily, but often impulsive; he’s honorable, but mercurial.

He often doesn’t understand his own drives. That is to say, he’s a man. He’s a man’s man and a lady’s man. He’s a romantic, but mostly very unlucky in love. Yet his life’s largely shaped by the women passing through it.”

Read also Craig McDonadl’s post about Brinke Devlon, the woman who “created” Hector Lassiter: http://craigmcdonaldbooks.blogspot.ie/2014/08/brinke-devlin-woman-who-created-hector.html

while listening to the song that runs through some of the Hector Lassiter novels: