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Excerpt from GIFTS: Bittersweet Christmas Stories by Jackie Mallon

November 29, 2014


From “Blue and Unassuming under a Christmas Star” by Jackie Mallon:

“In Sean Kat recognizes not a point of conversation anymore but the repository for all her frustrations. “Give that money back, you little shit. Go on, hand it over.” She holds out her hand and several shoppers gasp. “Come on, it’s Christmas, let it go,” says one, “you won’t miss it.” “You mind your own business,” she hisses, bracing herself menacingly at the passers-by who walk on, shaking their heads and muttering, “Some people have no sense of charity, and at this time of year…”



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Mallon 2

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  1. November 29, 2014

    Reblogged this on Jackie Mallon and commented:
    Curious to know what Kat and Edward are doing for Christmas? FInd them in this short story collection. I love hanging out with them any time of year! Download and read for free with my compliments!

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