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The Painter’s Women by Fionnuala Brennan


Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9929674-8-2 / E-book ASIN: B015J2PPAS

Available on Amazon and on Book Depository (free delivery worldwide)

Fionnuala Brennan‘s novel The Painter’s Women is for anyone interested in art, storytelling and the life of a most challenging artist.


“From the six female narrative voices that comprise  The Painter’s Women, there emerges an intriguing portrait of the artist Francisco de Goya. A complex character who insisted that his deafness made him see more clearly, Goya dominates the novel.  Ambitious and difficult, unfaithful and generous, uncompromising and volatile: we see the man and the influences, both personal and political, that underpinned such masterpieces as Los Desastres de la Guerra and Los Caprichos.” – Catherine Dunne

The Painter’s Women is a Cubist view of Goya. Fionnuala Brennan creates shards of the great painter as viewed by the women who competed with one another for a slice of his affections. Rich in historical detail and powerfully atmospheric, The Painter’s Women is as dark, passionate and haunting as a Goya masterpiece.” – Mary Morrissy

“An original and impressive novel that carries its learning lightly and makes for compelling and enjoyable reading.”   – Marie Heaney

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