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Silk for the Feed Dogs by Jackie Mallon


Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9926552-0-4 / E-book ASIN: B00F5ZLHYS

Available now on Amazon and on with free worldwide delivery.

Silk for the Feed Dogs illuminates a world the author knows intimately in a way it hadn’t been described before: with thoughtfulness, profundity and humor.

Kat Connelly, innovative designer and introspective daughter of an Irish farmer, is disappointed with her first job in fashion. She copies catwalk looks for a London garmento who is reliant on two things to survive: self medication and cheap Chinese production. Kat feels the lure of a higher aesthetic beckoning and escapes to Milan. As Italy’s imminent smoking ban looms darkly over the land, Kat’s personal world lights up: design and beauty are all around, dazzling and seducing, not to mention the overwhelming Italian male libido. She has claimed her slice of the bella vita and with it a sense of belonging she has yearned for since childhood.

Of course, the bella vita comes at a price. When Kat is invited into the impenetrable House of Adriani to design their high-profile collection, she throws a cast-iron hierarchy into turmoil. Some will do anything to see her fall… Jackie Mallon drew upon her decade’s experience to bring to life the assorted grand maestros, sycophants, oddballs, and jesters that populate Kat’s life.


Read an excerpt from Silk For The Feed Dogs

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Silk for the Feed Dogs will be published in Turkey by Nar Kitap in 2015.


Silk for the Feed Dogs is a stellar accomplishment – get it, read it, you won’t regret the indulgence of silk against your skin.” —

“The book is a must read for budding Fashion Designers as it gives a behind the scene glimpse into the real world of fashion, for Fashion Designers, who will relate to Jackie’s words, trials tribulations and successes and for Fashion Lovers who seek a great read. …Insightful, fun and full of ‘ah that’s what it would’ve been like’ moments.” —

“The writing is sharp and humorous. Mallon is a very observant author and her heroine Kat negotiates her way through a world it’s clear her creator knows a lot about. In particular the passages in Italy made me feel as if I were there myself, without having to get on the plane to go there.” —Susan Lanigan

“Mallon writes out of the great Irish tradition of beautifully descriptive prose, which she wonderfully tailors to a modern, cosmopolitan world.” “Light and fun yet profound and intelligent”, “clever and insightful”, “refreshing”, “witty”, “highly enjoyable”… —Readers’ reviews

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