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Killarney Blues by Colin O’Sullivan

Killarney Blues

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9926552-4-2 / E-book ASIN: B00HFQCTPG



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Picturesque Killarney might seem the perfect place to enjoy the rare gift of sun but the town has got the blues.

Bernard Dunphy, eccentric jarvey and guitarist, is pining for his unrequited love and has to contend with an ailing mother and an ailing horse. His troubled friend Jack gets embroiled in a violent crime. A trio of girlfriends becomes entangled in the terrible webs of their own making. The novel fluctuates between darkness and light as the protagonists struggle with their inner demons.

Can friendship, love and music save their sinking souls?


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“Colin O’Sullivan writes with a style and a swagger all his own. His voice – unique, strong, startlingly expressive – both comes from and adds to Ireland’s long and lovely literary lineage. Like many of that island’s sons and daughters, O’Sullivan sends language out on a gleeful spree, exuberant, defiant, ever-ready for a party. Only a soul of stone could resist joining in.” – Niall Griffiths

“His words swagger with purpose, never meandering too long on a scene, always moving the story forward, even when it goes back in time, like a faded photograph coming into view. Lyrical to a point, one word flowing to the next, hardly stopping.“ —

“The language of the characters is as musical and as enjoyable as the blues backdrop for the story”; “…a wonderful read from a terrific talent”; “…a bittersweet story, infused with the blues and unrequited love”; “terrific insight, wonderful read”; “shocking and moving”; “takes the reader deep into the hardships of life”. —Readers’ reviews


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