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GIFTS: Bittersweet Christmas Stories by Betimes Books authors


Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9929674-4-4 / E-book ASIN: B00Q8KH0AE

Available on Amazon and on Book Depository (free delivery worldwide)

This unique Christmas collection, published by Betimes Books to celebrate our first year of publishing, showcases nine stories from each of our authors, debut novelists and established writers like Richard Kalich, Sam Hawken, Craig McDonald, and Kevin Stevens.

These stories will take you from today’s New York to 1970’s Indonesia, from Paris in the Roaring Twenties to the Mexican border in 2014, from Kansas City in 1935 to the post-Celtic Tiger Killarney. Some are heart-warming. Some explore the darkest side of the Season. Some will make you laugh. Some might make you cry. All will make you think.


Read it in PDF format here or download a free PDF copy of GIFTS here

For a print collector edition, click here or for an e-book edition, only 0,77£/0,99$ here


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