Fionnuala Brennan

Author of The Painter’s Women

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Fionnuala Brennan started writing ghost stories at the age of seven and has been writing ever since: journals, accounts of her travels in Europe, Africa and Asia, short stories. Eventually, when she had finished rearing her two daughters and working full time, she decided to release some of this stuff from captivity in her desk drawer and published On a Greek Island, a travel memoir, a novel called All Things Return, several prize-winning short stories as well as a two-act play Bloodroot.

The Painter’s Women results from her fascination with Francisco de Goya.

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The Painter’s Women is a Cubist view of Goya. Fionnuala Brennan creates shards of the great painter as viewed by the women who competed with one another for a slice of his affections. Rich in historical detail and powerfully atmospheric, The Painter’s Women is as dark, passionate and haunting as a Goya masterpiece.” – Mary Morrissy

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